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Dr. Robert Neil Boyd Ph.D.

August 22, 2022

by Dr. Adrian Klein

The following revolutionary insights were shared by Dr. R. N. Boyd, Ph.D. with some of his colleagues in a private correspondence dated Aug. 22. 2022 (hereby literally reproduced). We got his permission to overtake its content for the readers of our platform, seen the tremendous impact it may have on the very fundaments of currently cherished assumptions in theoretical physics by mainstream dogmas.
Dr. Boyd, based on strictly verifiable experimental data, elegantly demolishes flawed assumptions about the Planck limit, and together with it the standard models of QM, EWT, QCD, QED and QFT related theories – as well as the currently hold beliefs in thermodynamics, conservation laws included.
Instead, he strongly argues for restoring the ether physics into its well-deserved position in future scientific explorations, which allows for the continuous creation/destruction of energy and/or matter in Pfaff Dimension 4 topological space.
Useless to stress, that true Informational dynamics may be properly described only in the framework of the new physics Dr. Boyd defends.

Prof. Oliver Consa

IMHO the Ramanujan summation is so obviously wrong that it’s not worth spending time arguing about its validity. The real question is: How is it possible that a false mathematical calculation can be used to calculate experimental values with such impressive precision?
There are only two answers to this question: (a) Although it may seem incredible, the mathematical calculation was true or (b) the calculation made is falsified so that it agrees with the experimental data, that is, it is a fraud.
As you know, I claim that it is a fraud (“Something is wrong in the state of QED”, And the key to the fraud is in the resolution of the Feynmann IIc diagram, which has never been published.

Dr. R. N. Boyd Ph.D.

“Renormalization” is blatant fraud. It is a set of lies made from lies.
The situation is as you say,
“But if Dirac was right and renormalization is not a legitimate mathematical technique, then the Standard Model, EWT, QCD, QED and all theories based on QFT would be incorrect and worthless.”
Indeed this is true. They are all Hollywood fantasies, not based on actual facts.
I agree with DeBroglie and Bohm that there are subquantum infinitesimals everywhere in the infinite volume Universe, which comprise an aether.
I also agree with Mishin’s 5 Phase State aether dynamics expressions, based on 30 years of instrumented astrophysical observations, along with NA Kozyrev, at an astrophysical observatory in Russia.
(On a related topic, Kozyrev said that time is the result of aether flows, which he compared to winds in the atmosphere, always changing speed and direction, in an unpredictable but instrumentable manner.)
In addition, it has been proved by recent inexpensive and easily reproduced experiments that Planck’s “constant” is not a constant but is situational and materials dependent. Planck’s constant changes for every material, or combination of materials, and must be found by experiment for each given sample of material, and all samples of various different combinations of materials.
Experiments done in 2002 determined that Planck’s constant is only valid for a given material to an extent of about 200 nano-meters from the origin. After that distance it becomes unreliable.
It is also environmentally temperature dependent.
And the presence of electric or magnetic or electromagnetic fields, in the vicinity of measurements of Planck’s “constant” alter the results measured by the instruments, where the presence of existing fields cause Planck’s “constant” to become even more unreliable.
Planck’s “constant” was developed by Planck, based on the publications of Kirchhoff on the topic of “black body radiation” from thermodynamics.
Kirchhoff never performed any physical experiments to determine if the “law” he developed regarding black-body radiation was accurate according to instrumented readings.
Planck’s constant was never verified by experiment either, as Planck completely relied on Kirchhoff’s flawed results.
It turns out by experiment that Kirchhoff’s “law” is only valid for lampblack (a type of soot). Thus the normally accepted value of Planck’s “constant” is only valid for soot. All materials other than lampblack have different Planck’s “constants” than lampblack.
This means that h and h_bar calculations are all completely wrong. This also means that Planck length, Planck time, Planck energy, and so on, are wrong and useless. And so, most of QM is wrong. QM without Planck’s “constant” collapses into a set of lies and fantasies.
Please see:
The destruction of Planck’s “constant” by several different types of experiments, the one first published in 2002, combined with your expressions regarding the the Standard Model, EWT, QCD, QED and all theories based on QFT as being incorrect and worthless, means:
It is time to start over and develop physics from a classical and an aether basis, with a starting point being the physics as they existed before Einstein and the “Solvay Conference” from about 100 years ago.
And while we’re at it, thermodynamics as they exist today are completely wrong for large volumes and over large spans of time.
In addition, any volume which becomes a Pfaff Dimension 4 topological space, allows the creation and/or destruction, of energy and/or matter. in that volume. (This result is just an extension of the Vlasov equations of plasma physics.)
All the “conservation” “laws” are wrong, on that basis alone.
As another example, there is no such thing as a thermodynamically “closed” volume, because gravitation and various other kinds of aether flows made from infinitesimals, easily pass through the walls of the “closed” space as if no walls were present enclosing the given volume.

Goran Marjanović, B.Sc.

August 12, 2022

According to the principles of EDQM (Energy Density Quantization Model) [1], all “Stable” objects exist in some “resonant” state, in which the amount (that is, the density) of matter, or rather the energy density, and the part of the space that it fills, are in some, not arbitrary, but completely determined the ratio of mass and radius of a certain substantial phenomenon.
In order to be able to “equally” consider, compare and establish appropriate analogies between particle and wave phenomena, we can use the Compton equation. In this way, using the formula for calculating the Compton wavelength λc and the observed dependence of mass and radius according to EDQM, we arrive at an expression that allows us to calculate the approximate value of the Compton wavelength from the value of the radius of an object and vice versa – diameter of the fictitious “sphere” of an arbitrary object of wave nature and corresponding fictitious mass in terms of E/c2. This approach enables very interesting insights into the structure of Reality.
The EDQM model clearly and unequivocally indicates the full analogy of certain types of radiation and certain particles, and it is an indisputable fact that the Compton effect, as an experiment, is only valid for the case of gamma radiation (!!!) which, given the continuity of the EM (electromagnetic) spectrum, is really extremely illogical and which indicates that the idea of a photon, as a quantum carrier of EM interaction on the entire scale of EM waves – logically – is simply not sustainable. Namely, the Compton effect, as a phenomenon in which the corpuscular nature of electromagnetic radiation manifests clearly and unambiguously through the interaction of gamma ray photons and electrons, IS COMPLETELY INAPPLICABLE to optical waves, where the photon should also be their quantum carrier!
What a paradox! …
The full justification of Tesla’s controversial claims that he “does not use “Hertzian waves” (classical, transversally vector EM waves) in his work” is indicated by his following words in the description of his ether research:
One of the first striking observations made with my tubes was that a purplish glow for several feet around the end of the tube was formed, and I readily ascertained that it was due to the escape of the charges of the particles as soon as they passed out into the air; for it was only in a nearly perfect vacuum that these charges could be confined to them. The coronal discharge proved that there must be a medium besides air in the space, composed of particles immeasurably smaller than those of air, as otherwise such a discharge would not be possible. On further investigation I found that this gas was so light that a volume equal to that of the earth would weigh only about one-twentieth of a pound.” – from where Tesla gets the theoretical value of the ether density [2].
According to the postulates of EDQM ([1]) the “particle” form of the “Tesla waves” object, their quantum carrier, is a corpuscular object with real rest mass and its (energetic-resonant) corresponding (m~r2) radius, i.e. associated energy density, as one of (k=9) series (k=whole number) of Stable Unity objects. What is its mass and its corresponding radius?
From the Table of Stable Objects ([1]), i.e. the corresponding λc diagram, which represents a kind of “Periodic System of Stable Objects”, it can be seen that “after” the (electron) neutrino located at the quantum level k = 7 and the photon at “place” k = 8, the next stable object would be of order k = 9. From this data, in accordance with the hypotheses H1 and H2 EDQM, some average, “expected” values for the mass and its corresponding radius of the object are derived. Based on the formula for the mass of the “Stable Object” at the quantum level k: m ~ 10-5.2 k (k=9) => m ~ 1.6*10-47 kg and radius: r ~ m0.52 => r ~ 5*10-25 m, we get a density (energy) of ρ = 2.8*1028 = 1.1*10-49 kg. Wave form of the k9 object, named Tesla waves, have compton wavelength of λc =2*107 [m], i.e. frequency of 14.8 Hz. As we know, frequency of 11.47 Hz is already known as a Tesla’s frequency. This fact was a basic reason for naming “stable-object-9” a TESLION.
For an analogous phenomenon, some researchers use the term “etheron”, “microlepton” [5] etc.
Microleptone was attributed to A. F. Ohatrin with a mass of about 10-39 to 10-44 kg! This particle is attributed to properties similar to the postulated axion.
As we mentioned, EDQM offers us a phenomenon named “Teslion” whose mass is 10-47-10-49 kg, diameter ~ 5*10-25 m, energy density of the order of 1027 g/cm3. Its wave form “Tesla waves” – have compton wavelength of λc =2*107 [m], i.e. frequency of 14.8 Hz. These are, of course, only indicative-expected values, but they can still help us a lot in designing experimental setups in the research of sub-photon phenomena.
Namely – according to “Mishin’s 5 phase aetherdynamics” ([3]) it is obvious that energy density decrease from “normal” material state (density) to the “aetheric” state (energy): Phase state 1: solid; Phase state 2: fluidic; Phase state 3: gaseous; Phase state 4: plasma-like; Phase state 5: galactic, intergalactic, superluminal–superfluidic state. This is the right place to recall Tesla’s research.
According to the experimental measurements of Nikola Tesla [2], the density of ethereal gaseous medium is: ρexp,Tesla = 2*10-26 g/cm3. Through a mathematical analysis of the density of the ether performed by analogy with the speed of sound waves in air and the ratio of elasticity and density of air and ether as a medium, Tesla obtained the theoretical value of the density of the ether: ρeth,Tesla,theor = 1.9*10-27 g/cm3.
From these values, it is quite clear that the phenomenon of “Tesla’s etheric gaseous medium” has parameters that – according to the EDQM postulates – perfectly correspond to the “Stable object k=-9 (!!!) or objects called: “Galaxy Clusters” – which is structure that is completely in agreement with the object in “Phase state 5” according to “Mishin’s 5 phase aetherdynamics” analytic process.
So – in short – the mean value of Nikola Tesla’s etheric fluid is close to the mean value of the density of galactic clusters, i.e. intergalactic space (~ only one hydrogen atom per cubic meter…) but the matrix structure /way of “matter” “grouping”/ is essentially different – i.e. – in the case of ether – it is much more homogeneous supstrate because it is made up of many many smaller evenly (uniformly) distributed phenomena.
Specifically, according to EDQM, Tesla’s etheric gaseous medium whose energy density corresponds to the density of galactic clusters (k=-9) is the “ETHER FLUID” made up of ELEMENTARY QUANTUMS OF ETHER (k=+9) – from which the corresponding “wave-particle” parameters of “Teslion” (k+9) follow, ”which are the “quantum carrier” of Tesla Waves – longitudinal, compressive-expansive disturbances of the etheric fluid (k-9).
This interpretation of the ether phenomenon is completely consistent with Tesla’s interpretation of light (EM wave) as completely analogous to the propagation of sound in the air, and his statement: “light is sound in the ether” becomes completely understandable and completely logical.
What’s more – the offered orientation-expectation values of the “Stable object k=+9” named “Teslion” (EDQM), allow us to design experimental settings in which the interaction with the “subtle-energy” (sub-photon) phenomenology of our Reality would be much more effective.
In this sense, analogies can help us a lot.
We all know that a sailboat sails thanks to the energy of the wind – a gaseous fluid (Mishin’s phase state 3: gaseous), that is, the directed movement of many air molecules (Mishin’s phase state 1: solid) thanks to sails made of canvas – a “windproof” material (Mishin’s phase state 1: solid). What is extremely important here is the fact that the density of the material from which the sails are made is very close to the density of air molecules, but its structure is homogeneous! Sails made of the same material of the same (or very close) mean density value but with a different structural matrix of material distribution – say in the form of a “fishing net” – would have a very weak interaction with the wind…
The analogy established in this way imposes the idea that effective interaction with the etheric fluid requires the use of materials of appropriate quantum level (energy density) but of HOMOGENEOUS and uniform structure – which can be a suitable material substrate but also a “Scalar field” or phenomena in “Phase state 5” acc to “Mishin’s 5 phase aetherdynamics” – having equivalents both in the “normal” material and the “aetheric” regimes, which contain (experimentally proven) behaviors relatable to Pendry-like structures living in super-posed layers, deep below the Planck – and even the Kolmogoroff scale (10e^-58m)” (quote from [4]) …


  1. Energy Density Quantization Model,
  2. “Akasha – forerunner of Ether – “Superfluid quantum vacuum”,
  3. Mishin’s 5-phase aetherdynamics,
  5. Anatoly Fedorovich Ohatrin – Outstanding Russian Researcher, Creator of the concept and mathematical model of weak and ultra-weak physical (microlepton) fields, Ph.D., full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.


August 8, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.


This short comment on Prof. Vimal’s thorough and most valuable analytic treatment of the way proto-consciousness couples to matter/energy configurations, is an attempt to deepen still more his pertinent statements, toward a more comprehensive and probably more accurate version that might be used for increasing the resolution of the tools he supplies for the academic community in its quest for a novel understanding of the way Reality is based upon and guided by its Informational essence.
We really appreciate Pr. Vimal’s abundant references to our conceptual framework in his text, whenever penetrating the nonlocal subquantum regimes in his comprehensive study of the origins of sentience and its interface with human brain structures.
It’s really worth to be emphasized the stress the author puts on the infinitesimal bhutatmas described as primal dual-aspect subquantum entities, conceived as tracked back to the onset of our Universe. This approach holds certainly true for the case the Universe had no onset whatever at the hypothetic and obsolete Big Bang singularity, being instead the result of a ceaseless creation/annihilation process of matter/antimatter from the vacuum fluctuations by transcending the ZPE interdimensional barrier.
To a certain limit, the subquantum primal hyperdimensional patterns addressed may really be considered as non-experiential material entities, if the spectra of their built-in sentient charge is related to the infinitely complex internal structure of biological consciousness that formed along eons by neural Darwinist evolution. In this approach, each bhutatma has a specific embedded mental aspect as superposed to its basic space and time configuration, thus fulfilling its function of bhutatmic protoexperience as Adi-Shiva infinitesimal entities. Though the super-imposed model of bhutatmic PEs/SEs upon inert matter as a carrier mechanism of protoconsciousness in the cosmos is a debatable concept, it is still a compelling illustrative model for expressing a more accurate picture of the building blocks our Reality is made of, than the one supplied by the obsolete classical mechanist tenets our mainstream science is still propagating in tenure-bound academic circles.
Suggesting the existence of a transcendent “virtual reservoir” of bhutatmic fundamentals able to interact by subquantum informational resonance effects, extends in a meaningful context classical quantum resonance process recognized by scholarly description of quantum mechanical laws. Such in-depth analysis addresses the fundamental space/time geometry in a constructive way, though referring to this scheme is no way “all there is”.
Let’s dive deeper into the hitherto poorly explored regimes below the Planck barrier (and actually far below the Kolmogoroff scale itself), addressing the infinite layers of magnitude down to the really infinitesimal scales of manifestation, that Prof. Vimal tries to bring into scientific scrutiny.
In our view, proto-sentient structures are a pro-active essence able to guide string behavior rather than establishing mere correlations t0 them by superposition or else. Information is not a vibratory phenomenon but a vibration controller instance. Any vibration in space is a direct expression of underlying Information modulator triggering string dynamics according to higher implication order of Informational determinacy. Bars & Quelin’s 2T/1T physical models are just description modalities for Information at work. Mental aspects (both ideate and emotional ones) are embedded in fundamental structures of matter rather than ”superimposed” on them. These basic entities (strings, fermions, bosons) do not carry SEs/Pes but are a product of them.
Using the Rigvedic model, Vishnu -like agents are co-evolutionary not dependent on their Brahma-originated equivalents, they follow their own evolutionary tracks and perform the corresponding impact upon material substrates, rendering them able to express the increasingly complex informational tasks thus achieved.
A special attention deserves the topic of nature’s evolutionary tendency to provide a proper expression modality for highly complex Informational clusters, as human personality certainly is, in the form of neural networks.
Obviously, the assessment that being conscious after evolutionary processes requires a neural quantum background is basically flowed. The involvement of neural network activity in expressing informational complexity applies only for neural-backed modus-operandi phase variants of conscious behavior.
The V4/V8/Vo neural net systems are patterned to embed biosystems in their ambient ecologic requirements of the course energetic kind under the given associative circumstances. Qualia (subjective experience) are basically not dependent upon such supportive instances.
What really happens, is that in its disconnected operative variants form brain, the Quantum non-specificity in the sequential phase shifts described by Prof. Vimal is circumvented after the disconnection, thus allowing for a direct coupling of the subquantum and the equivalent of classical domain specificity-like components of the cognitive chain. At the physical disintegration of brain, the biological requirement of upgrading by re-reduction loops is given up. It’s more than relevant to emphasize, that the sensorimotor tuning offered by neural Darwinism, leading to higher degrees of specificity areas in cortical activity, is but an expected consequence of the purposeful evolutionary process orchestrated by the overarching cosmic harmony in order to ensure the most efficient integration modality of biologically displayed consciousness forms into their ecosystemic modulators.
At a Universal (pluriversal?) level, the achieved complexity gradient is preserved via cosmic recycling events, where the dual-aspect primal entities are not created, but renewed by incremental increase of their content capacity according to the new requirements of nascent Universes along cosmic cyclic pulses. This is more easy to understand if the Universe as a whole is described in terms of pure Information instead of the corresponding energetic (matter) equivalents.
Just a few Issues that seem to be not sufficiently prone to explanatory options available in Prof. Vimal’s current paper discussed:
Eidetic Information is not forcibly of the experiential kind. IT is also the background of vibrational algorithms controlling energy storage and transference in space and time – in spite of the misleading preconception that such events are controlled by computable, digital Information variants alone. These ones are the background of quantization implied in such phenomena, not in their implicated levels of purposefulness.
Qualia-related neural network correlates organized in self-referred areas may relate to background subquantum field properties (complexity gradients). Nevertheless, such correlates are difficult to identify for more than elementary qualia units (redness), while addressing complex emotional states (love, sadness, patriotism, polarized empathy conditions, desires, etc.), or subjective assessment variants (beautiful/ugly)- which do not recognize personal or species-related survival purpose mechanisms. They point rather toward a significantly higher self-integrative purpose into a wider spectrum of Informational coherence system. This brings us compellingly to accept that the biologically conditioned neural structures are no way the experiencing agents, which are conceivable only at the level of the conscious entity’s global specific subjective awareness and Information processing systems, that obey singular personality structure blueprints.
We would highly appreciate Prof. Vimal’s opinions related to these preliminary comments on his exhausting analytic paper under our scrutiny, in the framework of a possible further debate to be accommodated in the interactive section of our platform


The comment refers to the paper R. L. P. Vimal, SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE ASPECT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


Goran Marjanović, B.Sc.

July 24, 2022

The understanding of Tesla’s technologies and their interpretation is directly conditioned by the understanding of the essential structure of electro-magnetic interaction and the answer to the question: are EM waves just transverse vibrations of the electric and magnetic “field” or are they basically “compression-expansion” (volumetric)? vibrations of a material fluid-like ether, as Nikola Tesla claimed?
Namely, according to Tesla: “Light cannot be anything other than longitudinal disturbances of the ether in the form of its alternating compressions and rarefactions.” In other words, light can be nothing but a sound wave in the ether.” (Tesla Sees Radio Waves and Light as Sound, New York Times, Sec. X, P. 9, c. 1, April 8, 1934).

His unequivocal statements about the energy form he uses in his systems are also well known:

  1. “[…] IT IS NECESSARY TO EMPLOY OSCILLATIONS IN WHICH THE RATE OF RADIATION OF ENERGY INTO SPACE IN THE FORM OF HERTZIAN ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IS VERY SMALL … (Nikola Tesla Canadian Patent 142,352, “Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the natural Medium”);
  2. In essence, it is the circuit of very large self-inductance and low resistance, for which construction and method of excitation could be said to be DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to those of a typical transmitter for telegraphy using HERTZ or electromagnetic radiation.” (Wireless transmission of electric energy, Electrical World and Engineer, March 1904);
  3. “[…] It is too noted that the phenomenon here involved in the transmission of electrical energy is one of TRUE CONDUCTION AND IS NOT TO BE CONFOUNDED WITH THE PHENOMENA OF ELECTRICAL RADIATION …” (US patent 649621A, serial No 5 780 – “Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy“).

In classical physics, an electromagnetic field is a phenomenon created by an electric charge, or a changing magnetic field, which has a value for every point in space and time. From the perspective of quantum theory, the field is viewed as a quantized phenomenon originating from the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum – an infinite set of infinitesimal harmonic oscillators – a rising sea of excited energy states, virtual-real particles, which due to constant mutual excitations, interactions and transformations appear and disappear (annihilation-creation ) making the material world what it is. So, from the aspect of quantum theory, the field phenomenon is more fundamental than elementary particles.
The latest theoretical considerations of modern science show – but also experimentally prove – that not only electro-magnetic FIELDS are physical, nor that electro-magnetic POTENTIALS are a pure mathematical construction – but on the contrary – that potentials are more basic physical subjects than fields !!! (on Analagoies Between Hydrodynamics and Electrodynamics for Applications, V. L. Bychkov)
In a similar way, the Aharonov-Bohm experiment, carried out in several world scientific laboratories, proved that ELECTROMAGNETIC POTENTIAL EXISTS AND INFLUENCES AN ELECTRIFIED PARTICLE IN A PART OF SPACE IN WHICH THE MAGNETIC AND ELECTRIC FIELD ARE EQUAL TO ZERO (?!).
In this way – the “Aharonov-Bohm” experimental verification of the “hidden vector potential” confirmed that electromagnetic interaction can take place in areas of space where there is no EM field !!!
If the electromagnetic interaction takes place in a part of “space” where there is no electric nor magnetic field, and there is no ether either – we have to ask ourselves, does David Bohm’s “Spirit in the Atom” still exist?
The full justification of the re-examination of Tesla’s theoretical-experimental legacy based on the concepts of ether is indicated by the facts established by the latest research on the effects of superconductivity, which do not agree with valid theories, such as that the semiconductor, dielectric and magnetic properties of the superconducting medium are not related to the flow of electrons in it, but to a special flow defined on the basis of the properties of the material (!?). These latest experimental insights of modern physics agree with the concept of the work Main physics concepts by V. F. Mitkevich (Moscow: Acad. Sci. Publishers, 1936), where the question was raised about the nature of the current in super-conductors, which does not heat the material of the conductor (!?), which is possible only in the absence of moving charges in it.
In any case – according to the latest scientific theoretical and experimental insights, pure potential (scalar field) is currently the most fundamental phenomenon of modern physics !!!
Considering that, Tesla’s scalar waves as longitudinal disturbances of potentials (longitudinal wave of potentials) acquire full scientific meaning!
It is truly more than amazing that the latest findings of modern science are in complete agreement with the INTUITIVE insights of the genius Nikola Tesla, who, even a century ago, favored the potential (Electromotive force) and not the “voltage” (= potential difference = work) and the working principles of his “Magnifying Transmitter” developed in that direction – as evidenced by the entries in his diary from Colorado Springs (June 5, Colorado Springs Notes, 1899–1900) !!!…
The fact that the field is essentially a potential gradient (Evektor = δV/d), where the electric potential is a scalar quantity, indicates a realistically possible – and scientifically justified – idea of the correlative nature of the ether with the quintessence, a hypothetical form of dark energy, in the form of the scalar field, which could be the “fifth fundamental force”, postulated by the new cosmological model “Quintessence” and offered recently as a possible explanation for the accelerated rate of expansion of the universe.
The latest experiments of the Institute for Nuclear Research of Hungary (New evidence supporting the existence of the hypothetical X17 particle, 23. 0ct 2019, and the detection of the particle “X17” (protophobic X boson , m~17 MeV) in the process of releasing the energy of an excited helium atom, the existence of which cannot be explained without the introduction of a new interaction, indicate the real possible existence of a new – “fifth force” in nature, in addition to electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational, whose could be a quantum carrier (like a photon for EM) and which could be connected to dark matter and thus, through the Quintessence model – to the ether!? Considering the possible consequences of experiments of this type, the reticence of the scientific establishment is understandable because the existence of this particle requires a “rearrangement” of the Standard Model of particle physics … Nevertheless, it is good to remember that the same group of researchers who recently announced the discovery of the X17 particle also reported the first evidence of detection of the same particle back in 2016 in experiments with radioactive beryllium atoms.
All of this points to the need, and in fact the necessity, for science to reexamine several of its decisions, perhaps too hastily made, related to the ether and scalar waves – that is, Tesla’s ideas.
In any case, the return to the concept of ether and the reaffirmation of the original theory of J. C. Maxwell or at least the “improvement” of this currently valid, “simplified” version and the “enrichment” of the “transversal-vector” EMT with their natural longitudinal and vortex component is possible and a good way to bring all Nikola Tesla’s ideas and explanations of his technologies back into the scientific framework – which would make their realizability much more certain. Consequently, all the unrealized ideas of this proven intuitive genius become attainable and many different “pseudo-scientific” terms such as instantaneous inter-galactic communication, teleportation, anti-gravity, zero-inertia, zero-point energy and similar phenomena – become much more acceptable.


In our paper “BACK TO THE AETHER IN PHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY!” (see recent SCHOLARLY INPUTS), a synoptic perspective derived from Dr. G. Marjanovic and Dr. Boyd / Klein similar conceptual works on ether physics and cosmology is presented.

Dr. Marjanovic kindly added for us a short update to his former valuable research results regarding the new physics based on ether dynamics, which hopefully would trigger serious exploration tracks in this exciting field.

Open-minded scholars are hereby heartily invited to join our discussion group!


August 7, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.


Dr. Marjanović new input brings an additional supportive set of physically based arguments in favor of Tesla’s genial, experimentally proven concept that restores the ether as a scientifically valid working hypothesis for a more accurate description of the way fundamental physical interactions lead to the set-up of the Universe such as we just begin to know it.
It is beyond any reasonable doubt, that Tesla’s ground-shaking insights (compellingly translated into the language of last scientific discoveries by Dr. Marjanovic), are able not only to establish a new landmark in fundamentals of modern science, but also to urge for an impending paradigmatic shift the science is about to perform.
Dr. Marjanović argumentation is mainly based on classical Quantum tenets that recognize vacuum fluctuations as origination of excited energy states yielding all the conceivable elementary particles by a continuous creation/annihilation process (a correct view that contradicts the obsolete “Big-Bang” theory).
Moreover, he suggests the pro-active role of potential scalar fields as related to manifested ones in the physical context – involving the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the Quintessence model, which allow for EM interactions in null energetic domains.
Longitudinal transversal and vortical dynamics in the ether are responsible in this approach for the fundamental structure of Reality, which in our view is a correct, but perhaps still incomplete as an overall description of the whole truth.
We would like to get Dr. Marjanović views on some still more fundamental aspects of the aether, beyond the ones bearing applicative value in technology – such as energy variants manifesting in this media. The complex ondulatory behaviors described as occurring inside the aether seem to not be further analytically followed as for their subtle structural properties, which expand beyond the limits of physical (matter/energy) domains, down into non-local and atemporal regimes that define the fine structure of the aether as embedding vibrational behavior modalities. This ultimate quest addresses the sub-quantum pixelate canvas the aether itself is made of, where material and proto-sentience essences couple in a hyper-dimensional framework of reference (the infinitesimal “bhutatmas” in the Vedic wisdom).
Further on, Dr. Marjanović might perhaps kindly refer in his analytic process to Mishin’s 5 phase states having equivalents both in the “normal” material and the “aetheric” regimes, which contain (experimentally proven) behaviors relatable to Pendry-like structures living in super-posed layers, deep below the Planck – and even the Kolmogoroff scale (10e^-58m). These behaviors have the ability to alter physical laws at each previous layer of “metric” s

Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay, MD

July 7, 2022

How to go from a deterministic theory with superimposed possibilities to a random single experience is known as the Measurement Paradox. This requires transitioning of quantum operations to a classical 4-D world. The act of observation by a scientist plays a role in the quantum-classical transition, postulated to be done by a mechanism, which is popularly known as the collapse of the wave function. The collapse happens when the observer’s consciousness plays a role in such phenomenology. Consciousness collapses possibilities into actuality. The theory came into vogue when we were ignorant of the constituents of the human psyche ( We were also unaware of the specific functions of Mind, Self/Consciousness, and Life (emotion). The spectacle of the Mind, Self/Consciousness, and Life (Emotion) worn by the observer contributes to this transition through three different mechanisms namely Decoherence, Collapse, and Symmetry-breaking-making, respectively. The brain of the observer accommodates the signals, signal patterns, and the ‘connectome’ of neurons accordingly.


An excellent summary of our fundamental guiding principles toward the paradigmatic shift in consciousness studies in the novel current post-materialistic perspective, as clearly expressed by Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay on his ‘Conceptual contribution‘ page at:

  1. The brain neither generates consciousness nor can use consciousness. It’s consciousness that uses the organ brain for its manifestation. The universe neither generates the Essence nor can use this essence. The Essence of the multiversity uses the universe for its manifestations. The genes neither generate information nor can use information, it is Information that uses genes as means for manifestation of its purpose.
  2. The purpose of the Evolution of the brain as an organ is to create a suitable “home” for the nonlocal players in the non-observable domain such as consciousness, Self, Life, and the Mind so that the Conscious will could manifest in the 4-D world as a Signal in the Behavior of the Brain-possessing entity. In contrast to the widely prevalent view of neurocentric consciousness, our pursuit is on conscious-centric neuroscience, leading inevitably to immersive neuroscience, where the brain system is a behavioral organ for the Essence of the Multiversity.
  3. All neural experiences require communication between brain-bound consciousness and the brain-independent consciousness through ZPE. The brain-bound consciousness and the brain-independent consciousness communicate through ZPE irrespective of whether the being is spiritual or not!


July 9, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.

The Quantum-Classical transition at the point where the collapse of the Schrodinger function occurs is best studied in the observer-related experiments, thus compellingly suggesting that conscious intervention is the key for selecting the actualization variant from multiple probabilities (Schrodinger’s cat). This certainly applies in experimental range as widely proved.
Nevertheless, the selection effect that leads to specific further processes in the physical 4-D world has to be analyzed in the broader context used by Nature to guide and control long-term quantum decoherence and symmetry breaking & making effects involved in the collapse of non-conformal probabilities to the objective outcome.
Whether observed by a conscious observer or not, the quantum effect we discuss occurs at the specific point at the evolution vector of the probability wave where it has to implement further development tracks. This becomes possible only in the framework of a causal loop, formed by a hyperdimensional superposition of two Information vectors running in opposite directions relative to our linear time-line (Cramer’s “hidden variables”, the transitional interpretation of Q.M.).
This view is consistent with retro-causation induced into past by future attractors coming from still not manifested certainties, thus aligning past causal events to these outcomes.
Where is the “observer-effect” that implies a conscious impact on this process?
There it is, but working from higher implication Informational fields. The human observer’s implication in experimental settings designed for proving this well-known Quantum effect is itself integrated in this higher-order causal loop as a required trigger component at the right place and time.
Human observation (conscious involvement) in the process is but a low-scale manifestation of the infinite complexity of high guiding Information structures reaching out to the ultimate source.
Approached this way, the “measurement paradox” is up-graded to the fundamental paradox of manifest Reality at all its scales of expression.
Further comments are invited.

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Source: Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay, Measurement paradox, with personal additions at the bottom of the infographic

Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay, MD

June 27, 2022

Replace Schrodinger’s cat with “Mukho’s Molecular Body”. In the 4-D world, Mukho’s molecular body is considered alive since it has all positive vital signs; the heart is beating, lungs are breathing, pupils are reacting to light, brainstem reflexes are normal and EEG is not flat, not silent. However, according to the “otherworld”, Mukho’s body is not awake, and is not aware of the unconditionality of consciousness. It is not behaving as a consciousness-directed body! Therefore, according to the rules of the otherworld, Mukho’s molecular body is labeled as dead!  Like Schrodinger’s cat, simultaneously Mukho’s molecular body is thus dead and alive! Simultaneity, however,  is excluded in Einstein’s paradigm of Relativity. Penetrating into ZPE, however, Mukho’s molecular body is found to be ultimately consciousness-directed, although Mukho is not aware of this! Therefore, the continuity between two bodies is missed in the 4-D world. Discontinuity is one of the hallmarks of the Quantum Mechanics too. Mukho’s both dead and living bodies seem to be in simultaneity and continuity through ZPE. No full stop there! Across the boundary of the universe, in the perspective of the Multiverse Type IV, i.e., where absolute unconditionality of conscious nature prevails, and the conscious will and its behavioral signal are of the same identity, Mukho’s dead molecular body in the 4-D world is identical with its live conscious body in the unconditional  Multiverse Type IV.  In a consciousness-directed awakened molecular body, which is aware of the unconditionality of consciousness, there is simultaneity, continuity, and identity of the two; the event-maker and the event, the subject and the object, the unconditional consciousness and the body internationally known as Mukho!


July 25, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.

We cross the threshold for new consciousness-centric subquantum or prequantum science.
Prof. Dr. A. K. Mukhopadhyay MD


Yes, we are ready to cross the hitherto carefully avoided gap between classical/Quantum physics/cosmology and the late developments science achieved by more attentively exploring domains hidden from direct experimental observation – the realm of non-material Reality that underpins all of the matter/energy configurations and related phenomenology.
As everyone well knows, consciousness studies are stuck already for decades, desperately trying to explain Chalmers’ “hard problem” in terms of emergent modalities based on a hypothetical ability of neural networks and their firing complexity variants to “generate” conscious states. Though no causality could be ever put in evidence between such neural processes and their subjective cognitive experiential correlates (qualia), the materialistic dogma has been kept as the only promising solution for explaining an emergent way for awareness resulting as a by-product of neural quantum activity. It’s hard time to reverse the rules of this losing game.
Consciousness is a highly complex Informational structure bearing a net proactive role in triggering neural correlate activities in brain. Prof. Mukhopadhyay worked hard during many years to reach an internal taxonomic map of the different constituent parts of human consciousness and their holographic interaction. Thanks to his valuable insights, we reached by now the challenge point of a documented criticism addressed to obsolete scholastic dogmas perpetuated mostly for tenure-related considerations and preached from academic chairs all around the world.
There is a regrettable and misleading confusion in current conceptual trends, namely equating “non-material” with “non-physical”. In order to describe the most appropriate approach to sentience, we have to strongly emphasize that non-material structures and phenomena can be securely expressed by now in “physical” terms, provided the outreach of physics beyond their classical, relativistic, and quantum application domains. The Planck limit (10^35) has been transcended toward infinitesimal values of space/time, with Information storage and carrier abilities if seen in their hyperdimensional context. At the level of these fundamental blocks of Reality the coupling of Information to our 4D energy/matter configurations is accomplished. The infinite manifestation variants we observe in our accessible 4D world reflect increasing complexity gradients of such Information clusters, The highest such complexity on our planet is the human being, endowed with a correspondingly complex ability to modulate by will, the fine-tuned interaction between the various layers of his conscious activity and to detect their measurable neural correlates. Action/reaction forces due to consciousness and personality (uniqueness) – intention, attention, and emotional states are inherent in the Shrodinger equations. Information is inherently residing in all space and manifests according to environmental considerations. The infinitesimal “Bhutatmas” are the origination of all material forms, physical fields, life, and consciousness. The Golden Ratio i(1.618) is a logarithmic rotational force, which is inherent in the subquantum ether – the background of the spin properties observed in subatomic particles. Our DNA Information is an informational pattern inherent in the subquantum ether. Information of this kind propagates with infinite velocity in subquantum systems as expressed in projective Grassman and Lie algebras. Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields are made from the static portion of the information-bering subquantum ether, too.
As illustrated during my lecture at the Bangalore Conference (2017), a causal loop is formed between direct and retrograde information vectors operating in pre-space-time regimes, able to engage neural quantum processes and to impact the probability waves evolving in the quantum domain, which results in the collapse of the Schrodinger function according to future attractors. Neural networks are involved in this process according to environmental requirements by a complex mechanism (interested readers may get more information on this subquantum time-symmetric approach in the abstracts of the Bangalore “Science and scientist” conference, 2016).
Informational dynamics may be explored only by addressing their subtle energy carrier systems in a serious analytic protocol. It is a most attractive and rewarding challenge for present and future academic explorations. Modern technology is able to detect and analyze subtle energy variants and their dynamics, opening a hitherto elusive window toward a responsible and serious study of the laws governing Information fields in the quantum potential.
The author would be highly interested in any potential collaborators for future experimental protocols on this line.

July 8, 2022

Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay MD
Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.

July 11, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.
Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay MD

The cat is out of the bag! We have to show a way how the mind splits information and creates space, time, and energy! That requires us to be clear at the outset that although both consciousness and mind are constituents of the systems psyche but are of different categories. In the absence of the mind, there is no experience by the ‘self’ (another constituent of the psyche) of the existence of space, time, and any energy-driven event, whatsoever! In the absence of the mind, the experience is spaceless, timeless, and independent of any known energy. The experience is closer to that of unconditional consciousness! No known energy, field, or force, but only the ‘will’ of consciousness and its intention prevail in the experience!
Once in a while, a piece of information directly impregnates the mind, which is the last final but common outpost in the non-observable domain of consciousness. The mind conceives information and delivers space, time and energy! All three are constituents of a signal. A bit of energy in a cycle of space per unit of time constitutes a signal. This creation happens in emptiness and nothingness (an approximation is ZPE), in the ‘labor room’ of nature. This happens not with a bang or a sound of resonance but in silence!. With such creation of a boundary of space, the stillness vanishes, and the ‘Time’ begins!.
In a bottom-up approach, the above operation is Operation I as required to enter the domain of consciousness for a signal, getting transformed into a piece of information. This Operation I merits to be investigated, the operator of which in the popular linguistic sense has been ontologically called the Mind! The operation I, from either side, could be executed only in a live situation. “Life’, in its subtlety, is another constituent of the systems psyche.
The scheme depicted is independent of the presence or absence of the brain. How a brainless living entity can experience and split information is a research question. How a single cell can experience and split information is another research question. The human being, however, has a psyche and its ‘home’ brain, which is well-developed, well-equipped, and acts as the organ of behavioral manifestation. The being’s experience manifests in the behavior! The evolved human mind can act as an internal sense organ (independent of the five known sense organs), and can directly conceive information from the supracortical domain. If the connectome of neurons and their patterning is conducive to using this signal, the primal information is manifested in the behavior of the being. The signal is in the material domain and therefore both quantum and classical mechanics will play their respective roles. This issue, however, is in the frontier domain of neuroscience and cell biology! “
We cross the threshold for new consciousness-centric subquantum or prequantum science.

To establish an operational hierarchy based on a preferred taxonomy is certainly an illustrative and thought-provoking approach to the way different layers of conscious experience are interconnected and controlled. Yet this barely addresses Chalmer’s “hard problem”, which remains elusive. To say that mind has a double interaction capacity with self and brain leaves un-answered the “HOW” and “WHY” of this process. Our quest will always remain incomplete until we would produce at least a scientifically acceptable attempt to solve this seemingly paradoxical interaction.
This is exactly what led me to express the link between neural activity and its nonlocal control instances by sub-quantum subtle energy mediation. This intermediary essence speaks both languages, the one of pure Information and the one of pre-energetic activity, intelligible for neural connections working in the range of quantum mechanics. At the ZPE a double-sense transcription occurs by superposition effects between quantum signals originated in neural networks, which carry sensorial data from “external” reality to the system, and the sub-quantum “sensors” able to transform these data into Informational units, in the framework of a feedback mechanism of integration of the nonlocal self into its physical ecosystem. Moreover, subtle energies get lately amenable to instrumental detection, allowing extrapolation of their dynamics into insights about their subtle Informational modulators. Just as the magnetic field is studied relying on its physical effects, being inaccessible for direct visualization. The Information field and their dynamics might be approached by deductive logic, too. But a first step in this direction has to be done.
At this point, Prof. Mukhopadhyay’s mapping of the human (and animal) consciousness-relate structures is perhaps not only the best, but the unique workable approach for starting our big challenge, too. A compass to launch our quest.
A few comments while having this compass available:
I would extend his pertinent functional diagram of interactivity and control mechanisms as described for the individual Psyche to the Universal one, whose scale-sensitive component it certainly is. If the assumption that Mind creates space/time by splitting information is a compelling assessment, we may easily extrapolate this effect to the higher layers of enfolded Universal Mind, (U.M.) too. An interesting conclusion may be thus derived: the U.M. creates “objective” space-time, while the Individual Mind (I.M.) is able to create by the same way its “subjective” 4D experience. Individual Self might correspond to the sentient Universe, which draws modulated variants of the ”Unconditional Consciousness”, from the “Source” (over-arching cosmic harmony, the “Divine”).
Being alive in this approach refers not only to biological, but to non-biological life-forms, too, as all the basic functions described for a living being (self-maintenance by interactions) abasically apply at an Informational level to any kind of manifestation, physical or not.
Only a consciousness-centric subquantum science would have any chance to depict reality as it is, and we are ready to build up this new science, from its cornerstone.
Are we up to this challenge having Schrodinger’s cat finally out of his black box?

July 8, 2022

Vivek Kumar
Freelance Consciousness Researcher,
BS Physics, IIT Kanpur, India
Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.

July 9, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.
Vivek Kumar, BS Physics

With regards to your views on consciousness/brain interaction, I have a few opinions which are close to what Dr. Mukhopadhyay describes. In my humble opinion, consciousness is nonlocal while Self is the individualized form of consciousness that resides in each living organism. This Self (individualized consciousness) interacts with the brain through the mind. Self is too subtle to directly interact with the brain, so it interacts with the mind only. Mind is dual in its operation-it has a conscious, subtle side which interacts with the Self and a gross side which interacts with the brain. It also splits information and is responsible for creating duality. No mind means no information means no duality. Mind is what feeds information to the brain after splitting it. The brain does not act independently, it’s ‘fed’ by the Self through the mind. Here is an interesting experiment to illustrate this top-down operation:
As an analogy, we can take consciousness to be equal to the US President (Commander-in-Chief), Self would be equal to Secretary of Defense who derives his authority by being in touch with the President (consciousness), Chief of Armed Forces would be equivalent to the mind while a soldier on the ground is like the neurons. The collective voice of all the soldiers (neural activities of the brain) would be controlled by the Chief of Armed Forces (mind) who would in turn be controlled by the Secretary of Defense (Self). The Supreme Commander-in-Chief (consciousness) directs the Secretary of Defense (Self) but he doesn’t directly deal with the soldiers (neurons in the brain) who are too localized and spread out over a large area.
This is what I think but I agree that this is not the complete story. There is more to this story which needs more explanation and experimentation. How exactly the mind splits information is not very clear. Your views and further comments are most welcome.

I think we have to explain in some more detail the way “mind splits Information”, if consciousness as a whole is a continuous, undividable essential ontological prime.
Beyond Prof. Mukhopadhyay’s excellent schemes, I feel that this splitting is related somehow to the brain’s quantum activity, so in its disconnected form from this neural background no splitting effect can be described.
This approach leads us to a more fundamental problem, namely the nature of consciousness/brain interaction and its expressions in normal/disturbed psychological functions

July 6, 2022

Vivek Kumar, BS Physics
Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.

July 7, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.
Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay MD
Vivek Kumar,
BS Physics

This is an excellent explanation. Discontinuities exist only in the quantum world because the mind creates duality due to the splitting of information but consciousness is non-dual and hence continuity exists at the level of consciousness. Many of the controversies and debates of quantum physics can be easily resolved if we can delve deeper into the science of consciousness. I am really glad that Sir has given this wonderful explanation on the resolution of Schrodinger’s cat problem. I hope more such explanations on key controversies of quantum physics are in the pipeline and sooner or later, the mainstream physicists would start accepting the role of consciousness in their explanations as well. A pioneering insight indeed!

Thank you so much for the comprehensive elaboration coming from both of you on my trigger!
Yes, Yes, the cat is out of his black box (we were the ones who opened for him the doors!), so we can begin to tame him by now, irrespective of Schrodinger’s subsequent emotional problems.
Such a deep (and still elusive) stuff requires serious percolation from my side, before being properly further addressed.
Please kindly give me the time for it …

July 3, 2022

Ujeeta Sharma
MPH, M.SC Genetics
Emess Scholar
Freelance Consciousness Researcher
Indian Institute of Public Health, India

I am a public health graduate from Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, India. I am writing to express my views and own experiences that I keep unraveling regarding consciousness.
My own knowledge of consciousness/noetic experience stems back to my childhood where I related every state of feeling to divine intervention. However, it was only three years back during one of my vipassana practice, that I realized the dimension of consciousness for real. As I digged more into the subject, I came across Dr. Mukhopadhay and other researchers who are exploring the subject from a scientific lens. Dr. Mukho keeps sharing his knowledge about the subject and everytime he amazes me with new ideas. With his latest perspective of Schrodinger’s cat in the context of the Multiverse, I am excited to see that as researchers we are not limiting ourselves to the hardbound realities but that we are shifting our focus to a far more real ground. With more insights about consciousness, we might be able to find an answer about the questions of our existence, about the universe, the diseases and everything which have been a puzzle for us till now. Science and spiritualism are two sides of the same coin and one leads to another. As a researcher and a humanitarian, I have always believed that there’s some vital force within us which keeps on guiding us and giving us the energy to use our potential to discover that which is unknown.
Your research is amazing and I wish you a happy journey for your future endeavors.

June 27, 2022

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D.


Its paradoxical (quantum) aspect vanishes as soon as we are aware of the fact that no paradigm of Einsteinian relativity (such as simultaneity exclusion) applies in a U>4D!
Here we address a hyperdimensional simultaneity, allowing Schrodinger’s cat to be alive in two different frames of reference, thus the quantum reduction effect by observation may impact only one of his double-standard lives, at the most. This is a crucial observation for supporting the survival of unconditional consciousness as perceived in the “otherworld”, an external realm to Mukho’s molecular body.
The topic of hyperdimensional geometry and resonances hereby suggested by Prof. Dr. Mukhopadhyay certainly deserves a wider academic discussion. Relevant further comments are well-come!